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Get to Know Averil

Averil is a dedicated Dog Behaviourist with over 10 years experience as a Behavioural Trainer with DogTech. Originally from New Zealand, she grew up close to nature and spent her holidays working on high country sheep farms. Arriving in Australia in 1990, she relocated to country Victoria, where she feels most at home.

Joining DogTech International in 2009, she works closely with Vets and Councils running Puppy Schools and Group Classes as well as her in-home behavioural training work. Now as the Master trainer for DogTech Goulburn Valley, she manages to combine her two loves: working with dogs and helping her clients to bring out the best in their canine companions.

Extremely skilled at working within the existing family structure gives her clients the skills to enable them to live harmoniously with their dogs. She also brings a kind and compassionate element to her work, which allows her to successfully work with individuals and families under stress.


In-Home Puppy/ Adopted / Foster Set Ups

Regardless of their age, puppies and new dogs to a household need to acclimatise to its new environment. An in – home session will give your puppy or new dog the right start in all aspects of safety, present and long-term good behaviour management.

In-Home Assistance with all aspects of Behavioural and Training Issues

Tailored in-home programs that offer solutions for all dogs regardless of its breed or history. The immediate and long-term benefits of our gentle but effective, WhisperWise methodology will allow you to live in harmony with your dog.

Group Obedience Class

A three – week training course for dogs, aged 18 weeks or older that focuses on manners and management. The class covers socialisation and basic obedience (from pulling on the lead to barking) and common mistakes we make that could affect the dog’s behaviour; issues that can lead to aggression, anxiety and phobias.

Puppy School 

For puppies aged between 8 – 16 weeks; the crucial stage when they learn what is, and what is not acceptable behaviour. This is the time to socialise your puppy and establish basic trust, as well as the right behaviours and boundaries; in home and in the community.