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Foster Dogs

Taking the time to find the right partner.

Find your nearest trainer

Foster Dogs

Taking the time to find the right partner.

Find your nearest trainer

Making a wise choice.

It’s always heart-rending when you walk into a shelter. The first thing to remember is to take it slowly. Love at first sight is common, but the selection process at the shelter should never be done in haste. There are important questions to address before you gaze into those eyes.

Foster Dog Training

As with choosing any pet, before you make a commitment you should ask some questions about what sort of dog would best suit your lifestyle, your family and your home environment:

Do you want a young dog or a mature dog? This could affect how energetic your dog is, or how much vet care it needs.

Do you need a dog with a gentle temperament to deal with young children?

Are you able to give a high-energy dog plenty of exercise time? Or would you do better with a quiet companion? Dogs require structure and routine, so if you’re single do you mind some impact on your social life?

Do you have a good yard that can accommodate the dog and its toys? Do you live close to a dog park — especially if you live in an apartment?

It may be hard for you to assess a dog’s true character (especially if there’s some history of trauma), but the staff at the shelter will have some insight. Once you’ve talked to them, discuss any concerns with us at DogTech®.

You could also consider short-term fostering of a dog. Even if you decide against a longer commitment, you’ll be helping the dog’s transition to its eventual home.

DogTech® Home Set-Up 

It’s vital to make a good start, so the DogTech® Home Set-Up service makes sure your home is organised well for your new family member.

Your DogTech® behaviouralist also provides proven WhisperWise® techniques to establish boundaries; develops a routine adapted to your lifestyle; and helps to assimilate your dog into its new environment.

Enquire about DogTech® Home Set-Up here.